Missionary Clothing Guaranteed For 3 Years

Affordable, Durable, and Easy to Maintain Clothing, that meets the MTC guidelines
Mission Guarantee

We include a 3-year WearProof guarantee with all purchases. Simply meaning you have 3 years to complete your 2 year mission with no Apparel worries. Rest easy, Look sharp and get the Very Best Value for Your Mission Field Apparel!

Elder Missionary Clothing's first priority is apparel for the Elder out in the Missionary Field and meets the expectations of being modest, conservative and the requirements of the MTC. It is with this in mind that we have selected the items offered to meet the needs of Elders on their 2 year mission, guaranteed with our Special 3 year to complete your 2 year mission guarantee!

Why Purchase from Us? 

In educating yourself on how to Dress on the Mission Field, we challenge you to take the "Feel Test".
Yes, the "Feel Test". Don't buy a suit or garment till you understand the quality of fabric you are putting on, and how you and others react to the difference in quality, suppleness, look and feel of a quality performance fabric, vs a sounds good wannabe fabric.  Trust your fingertips! 
We have you covered when it comes to high quality fabrics that make up our clothing.  We don't pretend to give quality, we are all about Quality and Value! We stand by our dedication to serve you, our customer, and stand behind our word that we offer the best quality at prices that are hard to beat.

We are confident that our clothing will help you make the Very Best first impression in your missionary work!

Top quality suits, slacks, shirts, and accessories

Call me Direct (805)320-1905. My name is Jim Stych, and it is my goal to have you Mission Ready, no matter where you go in this world in spreading the word.

We Can Customize Your Missionary Field Wardrobe for Any Condition, Climate or Location. Just give me a call to help you with whatever you need to get dressed for your mission, with 3 years of knowing you will be taken care of. You have my guarantee!

Big or Small Short or Tall
We Can Fit Them ALL!
Since 2010, We have been outfitting missionaries and providing our One of a Kind "3 year Guarantee" to help elders look their best for Less!